Tuesday, September 2, 2014

shania+labor day

My parents had a night out on the town!  They went to see Shania Twain and they looked pretty great doing it.  They seriously had more of a life than me this summer and they did lots of fun and exciting things with friends and family.  I am glad my mom has some good friends from church and work, and I am happy dad always seems to find something to do.  He never stops being productive, unless he takes time to meditate, which is pretty great too.

Then on labor day, we mostly relaxed and I continued to prepare to go to Nova Scotia.  We decided we would go out to eat and ended up downtown at Peakes Quay at a new patio style restaurant.  It was a pretty fun atmosphere and the food was fair, but it was nice to be out with my family, minus Bryan.  We always seem to have a great, and sometimes silly time together! 

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