Thursday, October 30, 2014

Colonel Chris Hadfield

My mom won tickets to see "Out this World: Chris Hadfield at the Confederation Center of the Arts".  She gave the tickets to Kayla and I and we went on the afternoon of October 30th.  I just loved every minute of it.  Chris was such a great and inspirational speaker.  I love that he started his journey with a dream and worked so hard to achieve it, despite feeling that he might not accomplish it.  But he did, he became an astronaut and he went to space!  The most interesting thing that I took from his speech was how well spoken he was when he responded to some questions from the audience.  Someone asked him how he felt about his spirituality now that he had been to space.  He responded so profoundly stating that he would not share his own beliefs, but that going to space did increase his spirituality, and I just thought that was so amazing.  We live in such a "politically correct" society right now, but I am happy to know that people still believe in something, whatever it may be.

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