Saturday, November 29, 2014

November photos from the iphone!

Thanks to the big sister, Laura, I can finally take pictures on my phone and have them look nice! I was rarely taking photos because it mean't having to take them on my slow phone or on my fuzzy iPod. This was a problem because I do love to document my life. Since I activated the iPhone at the beginning on November, I started taking pictures more regularly but it was a busy month with school and exams and even work, so I just never got around to posting too many of them. But it was a very exciting month. Haig and I made some plans to get married, before he even proposed. Surprise Surprise right? Well there was a lot of housekeeping things that needed to be done like booking dates and ordering things, but we got it all sorted out. Next thing is getting him an apartment over here, which is starting to look more probable. I have a list of places I need to see tomorrow, it is just hard to do it without him. I am just happy to *almost be done of school. I have one exam in a week but I am not too worried about it. It does bug me that the professor posted the wrong review online and hasn't put the new one up, I e-mailed him this morning and told him.. so thanks for nothing. I am looking forward to Christmas more and more and I am still trying my best to find opportunities to be creative. I am starting some decorations for our wedding reception next spring. I am hoping to go with a cute rustic and vintage feel. Lots of creams, pinks, greens, golds and maroons. It will be so fun to see what I can create over the next couple months. We have been having lots of fun at home with our new little kitten Meeko. She is a lot of fun. She is wild, but sweet and cuddly and learning so much everyday. I won't be home for much longer but I am enjoying her company.. for the most part. I love getting dressed up for church on Sundays. Most of the time I feel girly and feminine when I go to church but other times I also want to feel comfortable! Oh, and I love Kylie and our end of the semester trip to Target when she bought an Olaf pillow. She's just the best. 

Oh and then I got engaged and that was the best thing that happened in November! 

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