Monday, November 3, 2014

weekend thoughts

Haig and I just spent a wonderful weekend together. Something just reminded me that I have probably writing a post very similar to this before, but we are back to reality for now. On this particular weekend I decided not to do any school work. This worked out fine because I have mostly been ahead of schedule with things this semester. While Haig was here we did some apartment searching and looked for stuff to go in said apartment... but of course we had no luck which left me a little disappointed. We had stake conference on Sunday so it was a broadcast from Fredericton. I think this also left me a little sad because I missed having just a regular Sunday. Haig and I had a good chat about some decisions that we have to make that afternoon, or a decision that I have to make. He is so wonderful when it comes to knowing exactly what I need to hear. We had a great Sunday dinner with my family and then we went got a little drive. We sat in the car are had some great conversation. We are excited and anxious for some great things in store. It's not like we are keeping any secrets at this point, but its obvious that things are not "official" yet, but we are working on it! This morning I woke up pretty frazzled knowing that I would have to take him to the shuttle very soon. I also got a little stressed about some school work I had to do in the afternoon. Before taking him to the shuttle though, Haig had an appointment with UPEI to learn some things about the programs he would like to apply to for next fall. It made me happy and a little nervous to have him on campus. It will be weird to graduate before he even begins, but I am very proud of him and his intentions with school. Then he just had to introduce me to Burger King's hand spun strawberry milkshakes. It was 10am on a Monday, we have both gotten a cough and it started snowing but none of that stopped us! We drove to a spit near by and enjoyed our last couple moments together. Then the shuttle was pretty late, so we got to enjoy some more time together, even though we were sitting in my cold car we were happy. I am happy, he is happy. We are happy. I was able to get some school work done in the afternoon and with Kylie in the evening and now I am feeling a lot better and just a little more confident than I was earlier today. I feel that The Lord does have a lot of faith in me right now. He empowers me every single day. The gospel of Jesus Christ empowers me. I feel so blessed, and after this weekend even more blessed to have Haig as a wonderful companion and worthy priesthood holder. We are good and things are moving forward and I like the direction that everything is moving in. 

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