Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas holiday

My week in Nova Scotia was just about fantastic! I loved having Katherine, Eric and Cecelia home. I also enjoyed spending some quality time with Mom and also helping out a little with the setting up and taking down the pop up shop the family did in Scotia Square Mall. The kids were pretty busy during the week, but I was happy to see their smiling faces all week long. We did some running around, getting some last minute Christmas shopping done and other things that needed to be attended too. It was so nice to go to church together as a family and be inspired by music and spoken word. Haig, Katherine, Eric, Cecelia and I went to Granny and Nan's one afternoon for lunch. They made us delicious salmon, rice, vegetables and fresh salad. We visited the Oliver' house one night with other family around. We learned more and more about Cecelia. One of her favorite songs to dance to is "All about that Bass" and she likes to hold on to things by herself, including the bars of the EXIT sign at church. Haig had to pry her hands off and she was pretty sad about it. 

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