Monday, December 1, 2014

we are engaged

When Haig and I decided that I would have to come there at the end of the month, I kind of assumed that we would be getting engaged. I was pretty anxious about the whole weekend. On Monday night, I went to work on an assignment with Kylie and she informed that the weather was suppose to get a little bad on Wednesday night going into Thursday morning. I had planned on leaving PEI on Thursday morning to get to the temple for that evening, we would be taking Hannah for her first time. I prayed about going over a day early, and I just felt that even with giving up a shift at work, I needed to make it over there. I left early on Wednesday morning because I didn't have much else to do at home anyways. I had already been packed for about two days too! I am not a procrastinator when it comes to packing. I like to get it done and mostly so that I don't have to be doing laundry at the last minute. I got to Dartmouth right in time to pick Haig up from a job interview that he went to after work. He looked so wonderful in some dress pants, a plain white shirt and black cardigan. It was some good to give him a hug. We headed home to relax for the afternoon. We got some pizza for dinner that night and then just had a nice evening in.

On Thursday, Haig went to work for the morning and then I went to pick him off after lunch. We looked around Superstore a little bit before heading home so Haig could get cleaned up. We went back out to the mall for a little bit. I thought I would get lucky and start some Christmas shopping, even though nothing crazy is being bought this year, but I didn't see much that caught my eye for the people on my list. When we got to the car, Haig mentioned that we forgot to go to a photo booth to get some pictures. I wasn't in the mood to go back into the mall and have to walk all the way to the photo booth, so I just asked if we could go home and he didn't push it. On our way home, he didn't take the usual turn to get us back on his street so I knew we were heading down to Morris Lake. This is when it hit me. He already tried once, maybe with a photo booth, which might have been cute but maybe not as much as one of our favorite places, the dock at the Lake. We sat in the car for a couple of minutes and I tried to maintain my cool. Haig was a little upset that it was such a gross day and we just sat in the car for a little while. I thought he might ask to take a walk or something but he never did so we made our way back home.

 I had asked Haig earlier in the month to ask his siblings and parents to go to the temple when I was coming over. I wanted to be with them all in the temple so bad. We got ready to go that evening and I was very happy and excited. I wasn't really thinking about being proposed to anymore because I was content doing what I was doing at the temple and with people that I love. Hannah Jane was dressed like a doll and it was a joy to see her in the temple for her first time. I shed a couple tears because I knew I wanted to have her as my friend forever. I sat beside Emma for a little bit and see her beauty radiate in her smile and her sweet spirit. Luke is another gem, he loves everyone so fiercely. So once we were finished in the temple, we all waited with Granny in the waiting room before Mom and Dad came back out. Then, Haig asked if we could step back inside the temple doors for a minute as a family.

It was the most perfect moment of my life thus far. Haig asked me to marry him in the Halifax Nova Scotia Temple on November 27th 2014. I could feel the spirit as we were surrounded by his parents, his Granny [Susan], and Emma, Luke and Hannah. I was carried away so much that it was very hard for me to concentrate on what was happening but I do remember the feeling and how he looked when he started straight into my eyes and told me that he has loved me since he was seventeen years old. When he got down on one knee, I remember looking up at the ceiling for a moment and knowing that this is a forever love. We will be together forever. So, I said yes.

There was lots of excitement and emotions and I loved those first hugs from Haig and his family members. We were on cloud 9. When we got home we quickly took some photos and shared the news with our close friends and family. Granny and Nan were both over and it was great to have them there too. We heard a great story about the ring box falling out of Haig's bag in the locker room and Luke exclaiming "ouuu" when he figured out what was about to happen. I will laugh every time I think about it. It was hard to say goodbye that night, but Haig had one more day of work ahead of him that he needed rest for,

As for Friday, after I picked Haig up from work we went back home again for him to make some lunch. We had one errand to run before going to see Brittany in Halifax. I don't get to see her often but I had to make some time to see her this trip and share this exciting news with her. We had a good afternoon with her and we were able to catch up and share some good stories. We went to see dad at work and Haig picked up a couple things to take to PEI for when he moves over here. It was nice to finally get back home and have some food and relax. We watched "How to Train your Dragon 2" on our first night of being engaged and it is such a great movie! I just love my ring and I still find myself looking at it a little too often, but that's just fine with me. We left for PEI the next morning so I could be back in church for Sunday to have some meetings. It was so nice to finally get to be together for so long again, and it not too much longer until we see each other again, and then, it will be for good!  

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