Saturday, February 21, 2015

our love, I can't explain it

I remember nights and days driving to and from school, just missing him. I would wonder what he was doing, who he might be teaching, what he was teaching, sometimes even wondering what he was wearing. I missed everything about him. His sweet smile, the way he knows how to make me laugh, the fact that he knows how to be sincere, our late night conversations when we were hours away from each other. It was always so funny to know that we would get married, but not exactly knowing when. I remember days before he got home, I just thought I would take my time mentioning it. I will never forget driving his sister to work one afternoon and he finally said it would be sooner than I thought it would be. I will never forget how I felt in that moment. How I felt driving to Granny's that night listening to "I Will" by Matchbox 20.

"tonight, looking back on all this life, 
its funny how the time goes by, and how sometimes it slides away..."

Thinking about it now even makes me so emotional. I said a prayer in the car before going up to the apartment that night knowing with all my heart that I wanted him Forever. I knew that everything in my life had led up to this decision. I knew without a doubt. Feeling the spirit is such an amazing experience, and I felt so much comfort and peace during this time. I knew there was a lot ahead. I was starting my last semester at school and I knew it would be busy. I was trying to work hard and get as many hours as possible. I didn't know how I would plan a wedding while all of this was going on.

But I knew that it was right. Haig and I continued to talk a lot about it all, and we made the decision and set a date. Looking back on it now it, I am not surprised that we were not as scared as we were. This was right and good, and it was going to work our.

It all worked out.

 I am so happy we have so much support and love during this time. My friends have been amazing and so wonderful. I wish I could spend time with more of them, especially ones that are far away, but I feel their love.

My heart is in such a happy place. I can't describe it. Today, I get to marry my best friend. Not just for this life, but for Forever. I talked to someone about being in the temple earlier this week, and they said it was an amazing experience and they took all the time they needed to take it all in. I hope we can do the same. We have invited our close family and a couple of friends have we have been close with for a long time. It will be hard not to have other family members and friends there, but we hope they know that this is how we want to be married and we have received a lot of support in that.

Two weeks ago, we went to be interviewed by the Stake President to go to the temple. It was a great experience and he instructed me about what I should be doing in the coming months and what we should do as a couple. It was really helpful. I am happy to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and to receive inspiration and council from church leaders. We are truly blessed to have these individuals in our lives. On the drive home, I thought of how Haig looked at me that night years ago when he told me he knew he would marry me. It looked like I could see the rest of my life when I looked into his eyes. I can't explain our love. It's defiantly something else that's for sure. I hope that the people I love can have a love like this someday too.

Love is such a beautiful thing. When someone becomes your world, your entire reason for existance, it feels spectacular.

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Helen said...

Congratulations Alyssa, wishing you and Haig a wonderful life together! Perhaps you'll have time to come over while I'm down in March. Sorry I won't make it in May, but just too expensive for me to do so may trips in one year. You know with hotels, air fare, car rentals and food.