Tuesday, February 17, 2015

this is what's going on

My life has been treating me pretty well. Being engaged is nice and all, but I am certainly loving having Haig around so much more. He is such a hard worker! He was working nights for a couple of weeks and I was so proud of him. His sleep schedule got a little messed up, but he pulled through it and now he is starting days again. I have also been surprising myself. I always seem to manage to get more done than what is needed. In the last couple of weeks, including the snow days, I have finished assignments, wrote a term paper, wrote a crazy test that I was super nervous for (but I got 85%!) and started an internship with a community organization. I also work 6 hours a week and I love spending time with the kids. Haig and I had to go to Amherst one Sunday to meet our Stake President and we enjoyed making a little day trip over together. We like watching movies at the apartment and cooking meals together. I still like spending time at home working on little projects and watching TV with my mom and sister. 

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