Monday, May 25, 2015

Birthday Weekend

I am 23! I celebrated my birthday on Friday with my wonderful husband. We both spent the day working our butts off. I am so proud of us. In the evening, we went to Brickhouse for dinner. I got the scallop dinner with yummy sticky rice, and Haig got the Brickhouse Burger which he enjoyed. After that, I had to go to superstore to deposit my tax return, happy birthday to me, so we bought a small chocolate cake there. It was delicious! After a bit of an argument on the way home, we snuggled for a very, very long time. It was awesome.

On the weekend we also went out disc golfing at Hillcrest Farm! The course was so gorgeous I was really impressed with the work that this family has done to put it together. Haig really enjoyed disc golf on his mission so we are both pretty happy that he will have a place to do it around here. I will not mind going with him at all. It was nice to watch him having so much fun, doing something that he really likes. We were also super blessed to have beautiful weather all weekend! 

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