Friday, May 8, 2015

on to graduation

What a week! It has been a busy one, but an especially fun one leading up to graduation. On Tuesday, Haig's mother visited us for the day. She was over on the Island to sell their sign business to a Charlottetown couple. She brought us over a Shepard's Pie for dinner and we took her to see The Avengers: Age of Ultron. It was a great movie, but we had to go to the late show and I nearly fell asleep. I had to get up and take a walk because I was nodding off. 

I also made Caesar salad for the first time this week. Chicken Caesar salad I might add. It was really great. I use my Aunt Karen's garlic dressing recipe and it is so delicious. Do you like your Caesar salad with garlic or do you like it creamy?

I also continued to get things ready for our reception. On our cake table, there is going to be past wedding photos of our parents and grandparents. They are all so cute, but I have always loved my grandmother's wedding dress so much. It's no surprise to me that I fell in love with a vintage wedding dress.

My best friend Laura gave us a wonderful wedding present that we received this week. It has been at her mother's house in Halifax for some time. Jackie was able to give it to Bob and Pat Steen at the Temple this week and bring it home to us. Thanks! I am very excited to put the doTerra diffuser and essential oil to good use.  

So, tomorrow I graduate! I picked up my gown this morning and I am so ready to walk across the stage to receive my degree. I feel so fortunate that I will have my parents, sister and most of all my better half there to cheer me on. 

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