Monday, June 22, 2015

bakin' doughnuts

Sometimes, with that Bed Bath and Beyond gift card you got as a wedding present, you just have to buy a doughnut baking tin! We were pretty excited about making our own doughnuts. We love love love stops at Tim Hortons every once in a while to grab half a dozen doughnuts, but it is pretty exciting when you can make your own. I made two recipes that I found from pinterest. Both recipes used buttermilk. I liked the chocolate doughnuts more than the vanilla ones, but next time I am going to find a recipe that doesn't use buttermilk, because neither recipe used very much and I ended up having to throw the rest of the buttermilk out because it was going bad. I have seen some cake mix doughnut recipes and I love cake mix anything! A doughnut tutorial post could be in the works soon!

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