Saturday, June 27, 2015

date night

Tonight, Haig and I went on the sweetest date. It was very much needed after the week we have had together. We have been working really hard on us. He needs my love and support right now more than anything, and I am ready to give that to him. He is my best friend. To be completely honest right now, we hit rock bottom, we hit it hard. Knowing that he is mine for time and all eternity changes that though. In any marriage, it's for better or for worse right? In this marriage it is for always, better or worse, the good the bad and the ugly, the happy and the sad.  

He will always be my my side.  

Haig took me out to North Rustico, which is a pretty special place to me. It is where Joan and John used to live and I spent a lot of time out there with my family growing up. We ate dinner at the Blue Mussel Cafe. We both enjoyed the fish and chips, however they are not my favorite on the Island. We took a little walk around the area before we went back into town. We were a little too dressed up for a walk on the beach, but we have lots more time this summer for nights like that. I loved spending some nice quality time with him, thanks love!

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