Sunday, October 4, 2015

general conference

This weekend has been pretty great. I have been struggling at work these last few weeks. I've had feelings of inadequacy, lack of knowledge and experience and I have been burdened with tasks that are challenging for me to complete. The weekends have been much needed, and especially General Conference. Haig and I watched the first session in our little apartment that we love so much. I did a couple things for work while we watched. In between that session, I went to the store to grab a couple of things while Haig stayed home and worked on a school assignment. I got home just in time to pick Haig up and head over to the church for the second session.

The second session was really phenomenal. Three new apostles were called and it was a really amazing and humbling experience to watch these men accept the call to serve. After this session, we came home but Haig got ready to go back to church for the Priesthood session. I contemplated what I would do with my night, and I decided that I just needed some time to relax. I took a quick shower, put a pizza in the oven, painted my nails and watched Confessions of a Shopaholic. I also wanted to bake, but I was too lazy to have to wash any dishes after. I was very happy when my husband came home, and he looked great in his Sunday clothes late on a Saturday night. We talked about the things we had heard and how we had felt inspired throughout the day.

This morning I woke up a little earlier than Haig, and I went out to the kitchen and I started to make some ginger cookies. While I was baking, Haig woke up and started to work on his assignment some more. When I was done baking, he took a break from his work and we got ready to go to conference. He worked a little more while I finished getting ready and then we went to church for the first Sunday session. The session was fantastic, and Elder Russell M. Nelson's talk was one that I needed to hear for a number of reasons. After the session, we went home to get changed and then headed over to my parents for an afternoon dinner and to watch the last session of this 185th semi-annual conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

I am very happy to be a member of the restored gospel and be able to hear from the leaders of our church and especially our Prophet every six months. I really enjoyed this conference, and I know I need to find ways to take the inspiration and revelation that I have received and apply it to my life. I need to look for ways I can improve. Everyday, I need to strive to become a better, more faithful and diligent daughter of God. I need to be a better wife and companion for my husband. I am not perfect, and he is not perfect, but we married each other with the potential of someday being perfect for one another. I need to pray more, and study more so I can have the spirit in my life. I know that when I am doing all of these things that I will feel happier, at home, at work and in my life.

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