Wednesday, October 7, 2015

haig & alyssa lately

alyssa; working girl. this was a particularly hard day for some reason. but I just have to put on a happy face sometimes, especially for my after-school kids, because sometimes school can be hard and I do love seeing them at the end of their school day. They have so much energy and I am getting so much great feedback from them and parents that they are enjoying the program and love spending time there. Some don't even want to leave when their parents come 
(but sorry guys, I want to go home)

haig: student. we had one week where school was pretty tough. Haig worked on an assignment every night. But he is doing really great! He got a 90% on his economics test and a 94% on his math test! He is so smart and I am really proud of him. Because let's just mention that he didn't study very much for either of those tests, and he still did fantastic (because if it was me, I would have been so stressed out, well I was a little stressed out for him but there's nothing I can do to help with school sometimes!). Then there's times like this after a long day at school, or work in the afternoon and I find him like this and it makes my heart happy.

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