Monday, November 2, 2015

cranberry & cream outfit

pretending to be a "fashion blogger" for this month

But seriously, my Sunday style has been on point lately to be honest. So I decided I wanted to take more pictures of my Sunday outfits because I feel like my style is really starting to evolve for Sundays. I think I used to dress a couple years younger than my age. I feel like I am finally starting to catch up, and now that I am married I really want to look my age with my style.

So bear with me as I pretend to be a fashion blogger for the next little while. I will probably spare you with all the minor details of my outfit. This week I was feeling inspired by cranberry and cream. I have also been loving my brown oxford heels, they are really becoming my statement shoes, so I paired my cranberry and cream with a neutral tone and a statement necklace. 

cool right? happy November! 

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