Wednesday, November 18, 2015

let's talk about Inside Out

disclaimer: I have only watched the movie once, but I am pretty much obsessed with it already, 
don't judge

About two weeks ago, I thought about the movie "Inside Out". I never got a chance to see it in theaters but I heard SO many good things about it. One of the biggest reasons I wanted to see it was because I knew it was about emotions and believe me, I've got a lot of those. But anyways, the month came and went that it was playing and I just never made it out to see it, no big deal I guess. So when it randomly came into my head a couple of weeks ago, I knew that it was probably almost out to rent (yes, I still rent videos because I am honest human being like that). Haig and I were out one night, a couple days after it was released and we went into jumbo video but unfortunately it was all rented out and there was already one person on a wait list for it! Talk about a popular flick. So we waited a couple more days and it was there when we went back and we watched it on our evening before Remembrance Day.

In the days after we watched it, I felt like we couldn't stop bringing it up because we loved it that much. There was always something to bring up from it, or something that we liked that we wanted to share with each other again.

disclaimer 2: there will be spoilers in this post.

This movie was so unique. It will go down in my books as a classic. One that I will want our children to fall in love with. It's story line about a little girl coming of age, working through all of these emotions that she was feeling resonated with me. Sometimes I feel like my life is just flying by. I can't really remember anything about being 11 years old, but I can remember not really liking the adjustment from grade 6 to grade 7, into a new school and what not. I can remember having a hard time making and keeping friends. I remember not really knowing who I was and where I fit in. I was still unsure of all of my likes and dislikes. Some things however were constant. I had a family that I loved and I knew that they loved me. I had the gospel of Jesus Christ in my life and I knew that I was a daughter of God. One thing I really remember about being 'younger' was thinking about what it was going to be like when I grew up, and now that I am all "grown up" I am feeling pretty good about most things.

The core memories was also something that stuck deep with me. I personally feel like we all have these core memories that do make up our personalities, who we are, our values and our morals. I like to think of moments that I can remember that are just so vivid. I can remember one of the first nights that we had Nala. Bryan, Kayla and I running and jumping all over the couch because we were having so much fun with this new and fury friend that was in our house, in our lives. I remember when the vice principal at my elementary school whispered in my ear at graduation and she said "don't forget that good things come in small packages". I thought it was stupid at the time, because I had been teased for years about my small stature, but today I love my petite frame and femininity. I can remember going to the temple for the first time and my dad performed baptisms for the dead with me. The first kiss I shared with my husband, on New Years Eve. When I hugged him during those short, but sweet kisses, I knew I wanted to be with him forever.

I loved the emotions of Inside Out. Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust, Fear. The emotions we feel every single day. I loved every one of them. I am happy that I have the ability to feel these emotions. Life would be some meaningless if we did not experience each of these emotions. I use the term "roller coaster of emotions" probably more than I should, but I really do think that we all need to accept the fact that in this life, we go through everything, even if we don't want to. "Inside Out" helped me to appreciate that life is a constant roller coaster of emotions and one that we need to ride.

I loved that Riley Andersen was from Minnesota. I nearly started to bawl when she said that she missed Minnesota. This is because my dear husband, was laying in my lap and I can't even begin to IMAGINE how much he misses Minnesota, where he served his mission for two years. I have never been there, but it is a place that I hold dear to my heart because I know how much love my husband has for Minnesota. I just loved Riley Andersen too. She reminded me of me. That's crazy I know, because I am sure lots of people would say the same thing because she's just a little girl that is thinking "what the heck is going on in my life". When she cries in front of her whole class because she started to tell them about Minnesota, I was all in. I thought "that would have been me, no doubt". I love how in this scene especially, she rocks the sadness. We are allowed to feel sad, we are allowed to cry, guess what, you are even allowed to cry in public places! I do it all the time, and trust me when I say if you need to cry in a public just do it.

Of course, the part that got me the most was when Joy realizes that sadness leads to happiness and she cries. How is it that we can be happy and sad? I am happy and sad at the same time, like ALL OF THE TIME. I was seriously in awe at this point because Disney/Pixar, you win. You win everything.