Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas 2015

Our first Christmas together as a married couple was more than wonderful. It was a great time for us to start some new traditions, but also spend some time with our family and friends. Haig did amazing on all of his exams and we were both very happy when his final marks came around. I had to work on the 22nd and a full day on the 23rd, but lucky for us we are both off of work until the new year and Haig goes back to school on January 4th. 

I really like Christmas eve, so I know I wanted to do a couple things that we would eventually call "traditions". We started the day off slow doing some relaxing and taking our time to get ready for the day. We made pizza dough for our dinner. It was our first time making it and I was super worried about it because the yeast smelled so bad when it was dissolving. Haig reassured me that it was suppose to smell like that, so I did my best to trust him. Early in the afternoon, we decided it was time to go out and do something, so we went to Tim Hortons for some lunch because one of my parents at work gave me a gift card. We shared a sandwich and some hot chocolate and we each got a doughnut. We also got another hot chocolate and doughnut and took it to Kayla at work. From there we went into a toy store to look around at some board games. After that I still wasn't really feeling like going home, so Haig took me for a drive downtown and we went into a couple of bookstores,comic stores and we went into a store to grab some milk and pop.

When we got home, we started to get our pizza ready. While it started to bake, we watched The Grinch. Our internet connection is not great sometimes, so we started watching it a couple of nights ago and then the connection got really bad and slow so we went to bed. I am glad we got to finish it on Christmas Eve, because it is one of my favorite Christmas movies. Our pizza was delicious, although I was a little upset that I had not given more thought to the toppings, but pepperoni and delicious ADL cheese still made it one good pizza. We watched Arthur Christmas after, which was okay, but I fell asleep about half way through. Once I woke up I decided I needed to stay up for awhile. We played skip-bo and then we read our scriptures together.

I was in awe as my husband read to me about the coming of Christ. I felt blessed by our Savior's love for us. I feel so loved for all of the blessings that He has given to us, especially just this past year. I was thankful for our little apartment, our little Christmas tree and our little first Christmas together.    

On Christmas morning, we slept in and it was amazing. Once I woke up, I got ready for the day and let Haig sleep in just a little more. Neither of us have been sleeping very well, so I always like to give him a little extra time, I know he needs it. He has also been coming down with a cold and that's never any fun. He slept for a little while longer, but not too long. Once he woke up and I was ready, we did sit down on the couch and we started to open our gifts. Mom & Dad Pinsent had sent some gifts over just the day before with a friend, so we were super grateful to have some extra presents under the tree. One gift that both of us liked was exchanging CDs. I gave Haig coldplay's new CD and he gave me an iTunes gift card to buy Andy Brown's "seasons".  

Haig got ready for the day and then we made some waffles for breakfast. Obviously the meals for our first Christmas together were pretty important. After our breakfast, we were both so full. Like I literally felt like I couldn't move. We didn't have much else to do at home, so we made our way over to my parents house for the afternoon. While we were there, we opened presents, ate treats, we watched some movies that were on TV and we also watched "A Christmas Story". We had a delicious turkey dinner and had a nice time catching up with my family and reflecting on the events of the last year and exciting things in the year to come. 

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