Tuesday, December 15, 2015

little bit of Pinsent Life

So, if you follow me on Instagram, you've probably seen all of these pictures already. I don't take very many pictures anymore, and I would really like to break that bad habit. Haig and I have considered getting a nice camera for awhile now, but who knows if we would even use that, we hardly use our cell phones for pictures let alone take a camera with us places. It would be nice to have something to learn together though. We both enjoy having pictures, one of us enjoys being in pictures more than the other (take a guess...). So we might look for a nice camera after Christmas. For now, I love snapping candid moments on my phone, and I do still love a classic selfie with my husband, which I usually hashtag #pinsentlife because it is fun stuff that we are doing together 
and as a couple. 

Haig is such a great husband and student, writing 4 exams in one week! Last Friday we rushed home to my parents house for dinner and he ate quickly so he could go back into town for his second exam, accounting. I stayed home to spend some time with my family and with Winnie bear. She is growing lots and is pretty fun, but on this particular night she got very hyper and basically she tried to eat me a couple of times. On Saturday morning, I helped my mom to take Winnie and Meeko to the vet, at the same time and I'll tell you it was quite the experience. I do love spending time with her, but she is still very much a hyper, happy puppy.

A couple of weeks ago, Haig really wanted Taco Boyz for dinner, and more specifically a chimichanga (a deep-fried burrito). I wasn't however really feeling up to that type of food and we opted for something else that night, but I did feel pretty bad about it. Haig set up for the Nativity Pageant on Saturday morning while I was out with my mom. I told him I would take him to lunch after his set up. We didn't really have any place in mind and then I remembered that we were very close to the new Taco Boyz location and I asked "do you want to go get your chimichanga?". He was one happy man eating his lunch that day. My chicken quesadilla was very delicious too.

I was so thrilled that we were asked to be Mary and Joseph in the Nativity Pageant this year. I have wanted to be in it for as long as I can remember. I have loved watching couples that I know and admire play the role, and now it was our turn.

Sunday afternoon, I don't know what got into me but I was very much in domestic mode. I made some banana bread first, a double batch. I made some biscuits for dinner and then I started to make some chicken soup before we had to leave for our last night at the pageant. It was a lot more work than I expected. I didn't have chicken broth like I thought I did, only vegetable and I didn't really like the taste of it. I only had two packages of spicy mr. noodles. I wanted noodles in the soup, but not really like that but I needed something for flavor. Anyways, it was not my favorite chicken noodle soup, but it was okay, I will try again another time.

I have a long standing tradition with this sheep ornament at the Christmas tree at church. Every year I take a picture with it for my friend Katherine Burchett. I am not even really sure why, or how this started but I love doing it to show her that I miss her and I am thinking about her at this time of year.    

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