Friday, January 29, 2016

Little Mrs.Quilting

At the beginning of the year, I started looking into some options to go to community school. I wanted to take something that would be enjoyable and that I would feel relaxed doing. I decided to take quilting because I have always liked to sew and my sweet grand-mother in law gave me a sewing machine as a wedding present, and I finally wanted to start using it. I also had been talking to some women at church, including my sister, that were interested in getting together to quilt.

The turn-out at community school was really great and the instructors gave us a couple of options of quilts that we could make. I decided to make one that was a little more intermediate, but I decided that if I was going to be there with instructors that I would make one that would be a little more challenging. The quilt I am making at community school is called "strip surprise", and every time I hear that I think it is super dirty. Quilting can be so inappropriate...My dear husband helped me pick out my fabrics one afternoon. He was so patient with me!

This is a picture of part of the quilt that I will be making at community school, followed by the fabrics I picked out for it, and then the strip sets that I have made so far. 

We got together as a church group shortly after and my sweet friend Julie gave us some options of quilts we could make. I wanted to be able to help my sister as much as I could, so we decided to make the same quilt pattern, a four patch baby quilt. We went shopping together for our fabric, and again my sister was very patient with me as I couldn't decide what kind of theme I wanted to work with. Eventually I decided on some pinks, greens and blues. Simply some colors that I liked that I could throw on my lap while watching TV or writing a post on my blog!

I will be pretty busy in the process of making them, but I hope to take lots of pictures as I learn more, sew more & quilt more!

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