Monday, March 7, 2016

house sitting

Our friends from Utah that moved here almost two years ago asked us to watch their children and house sit for them to go away for the weekend. It was something that Haig and I have never done before and I was excited to be able to do it for them because it was my weekend off work. We picked up two of the kids on Friday night from a community activity. We took them home and read the scriptures and said a prayer before bed. I couldn't help but smile while our little friend Matthew said the sweetest prayer, especially when he thanked Heavenly Father for furniture. I need to be more like Matthew when it comes to gratitude. Mariah was a great help all weekend with getting things done and informing us of the usual routine. When the kids went to bed, Haig and I relaxed and watched some of our current TV series before going to bed.

I had plans of waking up very early to prepare myself for my new job starting on Monday, but that didn't happen on Saturday morning. I wanted to wake up around 6:00 am so I could feel what it was like to get my day going that early, because I haven't started my day at that time in awhile. But, I slept in with my husband and awoke to the most gorgeous view. When we arrived the night before, I didn't realize how close the house is to the water. I did have to get ready for the day, I was going to meet for our church quilting group. I got a lot done that morning and I felt really impressed with myself and all of the hard work I have been putting into these quilts.

I went back out to the house and quickly made us some macaroni and cheese for lunch before heading back into town to take the kids swimming. The pool was packed full of families, and especially young screaming children. I was happy that we didn't have to do too much monitoring of the kids since they are both old enough to look out for themselves and for one another. Haig and I even sneaked away to sit in the hot tub together for a couple of minutes! Haig lost a contact in the pool, and I had to drive home which I wasn't too happy about because the roads were not so great from snowing and the road the house is on is quite a mess from mud. I didn't fuss too much though because I felt pretty bad for Haig not being able to see anything!

When we got home we started to get dinner ready. I planned to make pizza. I started making the dough and let it rise. I started to make some brownies. The dough seemed to take forever to rise, but finally we started to put the toppings on the pizza. Then, it took us the longest time to figure out how to use the convection oven and its various settings. We got the pizzas and brownies in the oven and I also made a salad. We all ate and cleaned up and started to watch a movie when one of the older girls arrived home from spending the weekend away. Ellie wasn't feeling well so we left her alone to rest for the night.

On Sunday morning, I did get up pretty early again so I could get ready for church. I guess I just wasn't sure how long it was going to take getting ready in someone else's house. Once we were ready for church, Haig and I spent some time talking about what our plans were for the next couple of weeks and even months. We have a lot of goals, that we really need to plan for more, but I know without a doubt we are going to make everything work out somehow! We took the three kids to church, and we met the oldest child, Emma at church (she had spent the night with another family). Again, it was nice to be able to let the children do their own thing at church and not have to worry about taking them to primary or anything.

Later, we headed back home and relaxed with the kids. We talked about lots of different things like school and church and things that we like to do. The kids were so sweet to us and I hope we will spend more time together in the future. I had such a nice weekend away from our apartment with the cute guy I like a lot.

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