Thursday, May 5, 2016

floral arranging

Today I am sharing a quick how-to floral arranging. I saw a video about a week ago on Facebook and it inspired me to do this post. It looked super easy to do and I really wanted to buy some flowers for spring & mothers day. I bought these three bouquets for 50% off at Superstore one afternoon, 
what a deal!

what you'll need is
3-4 bouquets of flowers 
(carnations last for a long time, so that's a win-win)
(floral tape would probably work better but I didn't have any)

1. Remove flowers from packaging, decide how much of the stem you want to cut off. I wanted a lot of green in the vase and I wanted the flowers to still be pretty tall so I didn't cut off very much.

2. Using strips of tape, make a grid over the flower vase. Place the largest flower in the center and each corner of the vase's grid. 

3. Then, add flowers around the grid making a circle around the larger flowers (seen in the photo beside me).

4. Add in accent flower in the rest of the spots and remove tape from vase. You may have to do some rearranging after the tape is removed if the flowers shift a little bit, but mine didn't. I just added more yellow stems towards the top.

5. Admire your beautiful work and convince your husband that there should always been fresh flowers in your house.

tomorrow, I will be starting a three day series for mother's day weekend with three of the most caring and beautiful mothers that I know ( I know many more, but these three ladies were my lucky picks this time around! )

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