Monday, May 16, 2016

New Brunswick 2016

We had such a great weekend planned when we left last Friday, but then it decided to rain practically all weekend that we were in New Brunswick and it really put a damper (literally) on most of our plans.

We left Friday evening and we made some stops at winners & marshals before going to our friends' house to stay for the night. Lynn and Michael were so great for inviting us into their home. We will be happy to see them again later this summer and I know the guys are looking forward to playing a round of golf together! On Saturday morning after getting ready and saying our goodbyes, we delayed driving down to Saint John and opted to spend some time at the Champlain mall because it was pouring rain. I was just there about two weeks ago, so lots of things looked the same, but Haig found an amazing deal at Tip Top for some new dress shirts, and I also bought my sister her birthday present, but you will have to wait and see what that is!

We grabbed some lunch at Sobeys and then made our way to Jen's house in Sussex. It was so nice to reconnect with Jen and meet her family after so many years of knowing her and talking to her mostly through Facebook. Jen and Dave have two boys, Layne and Payson and another baby on the way! They are a busy family so we are happy we could spend just a little time seeing them and getting to know them better! We stayed at the house for a little over an hour and then made our way to Saint John to spend some time in town.

This was probably the most disappointing part of the trip, and not because it was raining. I expected Saint John to be this busy and inviting city. By the time we arrived in the late afternoon, everything was closing up for the night and there was really nothing all that interesting to see. I hope that next time we go to Saint John we will be there at a peak time during the day with a lot going on and a lot to see. We were getting some snacks at a store in the mall and then we sat down in the food court to eat. A couple of minutes later we noticed all of the stores were closing. At 6pm on a Saturday!? It seemed really silly to me, but I guess that's just how things are in Saint John.

The main event of our weekend was attending a wedding reception for Jonathan and Cherish Cosman. Just a couple of days ago, we were trying to decide if we could really afford to make the trip, and Haig said that we needed to go to support them. Marriage is really great and we are so happy for these two making it a priority in their lives to be married and sealed to each other! It was really great to see them and talk with Jonathan's family and friends.

Sunday morning we attended church with Jen and Layne (Payson was sick and stayed home with Dave). We just stayed for the first hour of the meetings and then headed towards Fundy National Park. The park was really beautiful, I hope we can camp in Fundy someday! Our destination was Hopewell Rocks. We already knew the park would be closed, but we assumed we would still be able to walk the ocean floor, but we were wrong. It was still nice to look, but I hope I can convince Haig to come back someday for us to do it. I think at this point he never wants to visit New Brunswick again. Just as we were leaving Hopewell Rocks, it started to rain again. As we walked to the car, I was almost in tears as I apologized to my husband for the weekend not going as planned. He told me 

"I would have given up a long time ago if I didn't have someone fun to do it with".

That's our life right there. I couldn't do this without him either, every step we take along the way I need him beside me to hold my hand, dry my tears and be my light. I wouldn't have made this trip without him either, he is the best road trip buddy ever, rain or shine.

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Crystal MacCormac said...

We had a similar experience with lots of rain when we went to St. John. I do hope to one day return and hopefully have a better experience. I hope you both get to return as well because I have heard great things about St. John, especially during the summer months. Love, Crystal MacCormac