Monday, June 20, 2016


We have some family coming to PEI in just one week!!! We are super excited to have everyone come visit the beautiful Island that we are so lucky to call home. I thought I would make a list/itinerary of some things I like to do around Charlottetown and Cavendish so our family can get some ideas of things they might like to do when they are here!

The St. Dunstan's Basilica gets me every time. Such a beautiful chapel with so much history and faith. The stained glass windows are amazing. In Charlottetown I also like to go into the used bookstores like The Bookman and Used Books. I also like to have a look around the Confederation Centre Art Gallery (which is free!!!) and walk on Victoria Row and at the shops on the Waterfront. Near the Delta Hotel, there is the new 2016 numbers, a great picture spot. The Alley has $5 bowling all summer long (Monday-Thursday), LET'S GO!

Richards Sea Food 
MY Favorite Fish & Chips on PEI. This place is worth the wait (of long lines that is, sorry not sorry). Beautiful views near the Covehead beach and bridge. I wouldn't want this place to ever change.

Burlington Amusement Park or Sanspit
Because we need some Go-Karts to recreate this awesome picture of Granny. In my opinion, Burlington is really great because they are a smaller business, but Sandspit is closer to where we will be staying.

Green Gables
What would a trip to Prince Edward Island be without a visit to Green Gables. This place will put you right in the book! We will have a couple of passes to the National Park so no need to worry about the fees. You can also take adorable pictures at Green Gables like my friends Laura and Jeremy did when they visited in 2013. They also took great pictures at Grandpa's Antique Photo Studio if that is of interest to anyone (this business is kind of expensive in my opinion, but still lots of fun).

The movies that will be playing while everyone visits are Independance Day: Resurgence and X-Men: Apocalypse. Certainly not movies of interest to me, but the drive-in is still a fun family experience. 

The food here you guys, it is a must. The Butterfly House is a lovely spot too. Emma and I visited here last summer and it was so fun. The Toy Factory is also near by which is a great spot for any toy-lover. 

Greenwich National Park
SO, I have never been here before but I am just itching to go sometime this summer. I will go with anyone that wants to make an afternoon trip to this beautiful National Park. It is a little far from Cavendish but I know it would be worth the drive.

Stanley Bridge Marine Aquarium
I have also never been here but it sounds pretty interesting. Also, a side note, if anyone wants to go see Finding Dory I am totally game.

I know you must all think I am forgetting to mention one of the most important things about PEI... ICE CREAM. If you don't have COWS ice cream while you visit PEI, did you actually visit PEI? 

Can't wait to see you all SO Soon,
love Haig & Alyssa.

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