Thursday, October 13, 2016

Thanksgiving Weekend 2016

Haig and I had such a lovely Thanksgiving weekend. We are so lucky that we have been able to go home to Nova Scotia and be there together for Thanksgiving since he got home from his mission in 2014. I love spending Thanksgiving in Nova Scotia because on the drive over the views are breathtaking and I really enjoy spending time in the temple during this weekend of thankfulness. Of course I also adore seeing so many lovely faces including those of our family and friends!

I was able to go up last Wednesday afternoon as my sister and Megan had flown back from Utah the night before and stayed with my in-laws. I drove Kayla's car over by myself, just an hour after taking my glucose (gestational diabetes) test! I was a little nervous about it but everything went well and I made it over safely. I had a good night with the Pinsent girls. I went to their young women's activity at a clay cafe. I painted a small dove ring dish and it turned out great! On Thursday, I headed over to Halifax for the day to spend some time with Laura, Brittany and little miss Olivia, Sophia and Lucy. We had a great day catching up, talking about life, work and family. We went to Old Navy to do some shopping and Laura took some maternity photos for me, she's the best!!!

On Friday I spent the afternoon with Emma. It was some much needed hang out time, especially since she is hoping to move to Alberta soon. I really hope everything works out for her to get out there as soon as she would like to be there. We went to the mall and also bused to Dartmouth Crossing after. Haig came in later that evening and we hung out and I ran some errands with Emma. On Saturday morning, Haig and I got up early to go to the temple for a session. We relaxed into the afternoon and then took Luke and Hannah out for a bit. We had our Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday night as a family and then we went to play Frisbee across the street at the outdoor tennis court.

On Sunday we went to church and then Haig and I went to spend some time with the Cook family. We went for a walk in Shubie Park with Maia, Preston and the girls. They invited us to stay for dinner and we had delicious onion rings and homemade hamburgers. They are the best COOKS ever!!! We like them a lot. On Monday morning, Haig and I gathered up our things and made our way home. The drive took a little longer than expected in the rainy and windy conditions, but we got home, and we were happy to be arriving on the island and not leaving because the line up at the bridge was absolutely crazy!

I am so excited to think that when we go home for Thanksgiving next year (sorry mom & dad Fraser), that we will have a little (or not so little) almost 10 month old with us!  I love spending Thanksgiving in Nova Scotia, it has definitely become one of our own family traditions. Just so everyone knows, Haig absolutely LOVED taking this picture below .... (just kidding, he hated it and we only got one shot of it).

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