Monday, November 21, 2016

life lately

Okay, so we've had a pretty busy month! It doesn't really feel like we have done anything special or out of the ordinary, but the month has surely flown by. We have been working hard. My husband works especially hard at a full time job, as a full time student, and the best full time husband I could ask for. I feel a little guilty that I will be finishing up work on December 1st, but my body is just done working. We have lots of plans for the month of December and it will be nice to get the finishing touches ready for baby's arrival in mid-January. During October, we took prenatal classes and then earlier this month we finished up with a tour of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. It still doesn't seem real that we will be there in less than two months having a baby! I am doing well as of right now, except for work being tough but only one week left, I'll make it! We also ordered our dream Stroller earlier this month because a website had a really great deal when you bought the stroller and the second seat attachment. We are pretty fortunate that Haig works in a job that he makes commission. It helps so much with the little things, and the big things. We put up our IKEA bookshelves in the nursery and I will hopefully start washing baby clothes and blankets in the next few weeks. My mother is planning my baby shower, and I'm helping because I want it to be a sweet little night to celebrate our special baby. I'm excited for what we are putting together. My co-workers have also planned a shower for me and I could not be more grateful for the friendships I have made with them over the past year.

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