Monday, January 30, 2017

Spending time at Home

Let me start off by saying that some days it has been hard to stay home all day. We are a one car family as of right now and that probably won't change anytime soon. So Haig usually takes the car for the day if he is going to school or work. Sometimes when we can get ready, Haig Arthur and I can drop him off or have him come to pick us up later in the day and drop him back off wherever he needs to be. For the most part though, we stay home all day. I have been feeling a little lonely but I have also been more motivated to get things done around the house when I don't have my hands full with the little one. SO many women have told me to "sleep when the baby sleeps" but I don't really buy it. If I slept when he slept, for as long as he does sometimes, my house would be a disaster, I would never eat, I wouldn't be able to cook a meal for my husband and I also wouldn't be able to take a few minutes for myself. Sometimes I do catch a quick nap when he is down, but then I usually end having to open my eyes every few minutes to check on him anyways. Every little noise or squirm that he makes I open my eyes and make sure that he's okay, so really I don't get much sleep when he is sleeping.

We do keep ourselves pretty busy though, at least I do. Since we brought the baby home I continued to keep our house as organized and tidy as possible. I took a lot of time to organize our pantry and bathroom linen closets and also some organizing in the kitchen. I also have been trying to keep up with my cooking and baking. Some days I am able to get more done than other days but I do try really hard to put some supper on the table for Haig when he gets home from long days at school or work. Some days I wait until he gets home to help, but also because I enjoy cooking with him and it is a nice way to spend time together. Today, the baby and I finally went out for a walk around our neighborhood. I enjoyed it, and Haig Arthur slept the whole time. I hope we will find some nicer places to walk in the spring-time because our neighborhood is pretty loud and there is lots of traffic. This new stage of my life is very interesting. I like that I am off for a whole year and it already seems like it is flying by. If any of you mommy friends of mine have suggestions of fun things to do with baby please let me know.

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