Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Happy Anniversary!

Haig and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary yesterday! It has been two wonderful years. As we celebrated yesterday I couldn't help but think of what our wedding day was like two years ago. We almost didn't make it to the temple to be married because of the weather, the day didn't go as planned and I hardly have any pictures of my wedding day because of how cold it was. I am very jealous of most wedding pictures I see because we don't have very many. But, the past two years has not gone undocumented and has been filled with many more wonderful memories that we hold dear to our hearts, especially the birth of our son Haig Arthur. 

Haig went to work yesterday morning for just a few hours and then took us out to lunch at Montana's in the afternoon. Once we got home, I fed the baby before going out to do some shopping. I guess you could say that was my anniversary present, along with some flowers and a card that Haig brought home earlier that day. I am so lucky to go to sleep each night with Haig by my side. He is a wonderful man and husband and has also become a wonderful father and my eternal best friend. Here's to many more wonderful years together and good times ahead. 

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