Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Haig Arthur: Blessed

On February 26th, Haig Arthur was blessed in our church. His dad gave him a sweet blessing that told him about a loving Father in Heaven and the blessings that may be his as he lives a righteous and obedient life. Our family was able to come over from Nova Scotia to spend the weekend with us. I need to take some more pictures of him in his blessing outfit, coveralls and a white knit sweater made by Granny, but he spit up on them during church, of course. We were also so lucky to have wonderful men in our lives who hold the priesthood and were able to help give this blessing to our son, our dads and our good friends Bob Steen and Josh Biggley. I am also so glad that his two great-grandmothers were able to come from Nova Scotia as well. They were pretty over the moon about him, and how could they not be. This boy is something pretty special. After church on Sunday we had our families over for some lunch at our apartment. I was glad to have everyone with us to celebrate a special day.

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