Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Kendra had a sweet baby girl and her name is Alice Elizabeth Long. She is simply adorable. Holding her made me forget how little Haig once was, and now he looks like this big chunky brute next to her. I hope they are good friends growing up. Kendra and I work together so I know we will spend lots of time together while she is on her maternity leave and we will have a super fun summer with these two cuties. I know for sure that if I didn't have Haig Arthur right now, holding Alice would have made me sooo baby hungry! But, no more newborns in this house for at least two more years!

I love these pictures of Haig and Alice. Haig doesn't seem interested in her at all and then it looks like he is thinking "mom who is this baby" and then he finally looks at her and must think "wow, shes a cute little baby girl". I love having a boy, I will be honest and I would love for Haig Arthur to have a little brother next, but I would also be so thrilled for him to have a sweet little sister next too. BUT again, no more babies for awhile. Maybe I am a little baby hungry again... urgh.

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