Saturday, January 25, 2014

the week

Another week, come and gone.  Oh and this one was pretty decent.  The best part of the week was the snow day on Wednesday.  I did a little bit of school work for my other courses but the best thing was finishing my on-line religious studies course.  It was somewhat of a tedious bore, but I was happy that I got all 10 lectures and 10 quizzes done in just two weeks.  The funny part is that 100 people out of the 300 in the course (on-line) have not even bought the e-textbook yet, and I finished it!  Ha, suckers.  I am happy to have it out of the way and now I can focus on my other and more important courses.  I finished a scarf on the snow day too.  A big chunky dark grey one that I knit on a round.  My Momma helped me out with this one because I am still not too good at pearling.  The rows alternated most of the time so I would knit and she would pearl.  I was not 100% happy with the pattern that we followed but I love my scarf.  I also had to use a razor blade on it because it got super fuzzy in the knitting process.  I think I'll have to find a pattern to make a headband to match because I still have some of the yarn.  I also started a pretty burgundy garter stitch scarf.  I just love the colour.  I told Mom I would only make these two, but then the other day when I was at Michaels I saw this pretty mint coloured yarn that I just had to have!  I am going to make it with a pattern that will make it more of a spring-like scarf.  I am excited.  I just love knitting!

I have been pretty good otherwise with not spending too much money.  I have been patting myself on the back for it.  Last night I was suppose to go out to a music show, but then plans fell through.  I was really in the mood to go out though so I dragged Kayla to Target with me so we can poke around and see if there was anything new and exciting.  I figured I would have spent $20 on my night out any ways, so I budgeted myself to only spend that amount or less if there was anything I really liked or wanted.  I picked up a small metal Valentines Day mailbox for a buck, a winter head band [black with white polka dots] for $2.50, a bottle of ginger-ale, a collar for Nala's Birthday this week and some chocolate covered acai and blueberries and it came to just over 16 dollaas!  We came home and watched Monsters' University, because I had only seen it once on Christmas Day.  It is pretty funny and cute, I am glad we own it but I honestly can't see myself watching it too much.  I plan on getting some school work done this morning but then taking the rest of the day off to hang out with friends.  I love the weekend, but I also just love how fast these weeks are going.  Next Saturday will be February!  The sooner this semester is over with, the sooner I can have my summer and then my boy back [because yeah, I am always thinking about that, you know me ;)]

Happy Weekend!

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