Thursday, January 2, 2014

this is the new year


I love you 2014, and it has only been two days.  I just have good feelings and good vibes about this year.  It's gonna be a good one for sure.

Yesterday I went to see 'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty' with Kayla and Megan.  It was pretty good and cute, a little corny at times but good none the less.  We had some movie money for Christmas [thanks Jason & Sandi] so it's not like I really had to pay for it.  It was also pretty random to have popcorn for lunch, but it was delicious.  There was one part that I really liked in the movie though, a photographer stops and decides not to take a photo of something really great because he would have rather been in the moment himself.  I liked it, and it reminded me that I don't need to take pictures of everything, all the time [not that I do, but I just need to be careful].  I hope if I am really in the moment, I won't ruin it by trying to document it, because hopefully, if it is a good enough moment, I'll remember it forever anyways.

Yesterday was really cold.  So was today.  But after coming home from the movies yesterday, it was all laziness up until this point.  I have been productive though.  I finished knitting this headband.  I am super happy and excited about it.  Mom has also knitted me two and I knit a scarf.  I plan on knitting one or two more scarves and maybe another headband, and I am hoping to knit my Elder a tie.  So we'll see how it goes.  I've also been watching lots of movies at home.  Some more are on TV tonight too, so I already see myself snuggled up on the couch between Mom and Kayla, starting some more knitting and watching a good movie.  

I am getting a little nervous about going back to school.  I think my course load may end up being a little busier than I had anticipated, but maybe not.  It's all up in the air right now and I think that is what is worrying me most.  So I will just have to be patient, get all my course outlines and see how the semester is going to be.  I pray it will be smooth sailing.  I know I have such a great group of friends and support, so even if there are hard times ahead, I know where I will be able to find peace, comfort and fun!  Oh, and I have this fantastic boy, and even though he is far away his sweet words and letters of encouragement are always a joy.  I got a letter a couple days ago, and didn't open it until tonight and he told me;;; 
"I miss the way your hair smells after you shower.  I miss you falling asleep on my chest during movies" 

It was perfection.  It was the simplest things that I have needed to hear from him for awhile now.  The countdown is surely on, but we are trying are best to continue making the days count.  


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