Thursday, March 27, 2014


March has been madness, but great madness.
I have learned a lot.  School has been a roller coaster to say the least.
I worked a little bit here and there, I am feeling as broke as ever.
I am happy when that I have enough to get by and pay my bills.
I have been VERY good this semester at not spending money.
I have to work on saving money.
The other night, I was planning on making dinner, so I bought some cupcakes on the way home for dessert.
I love, love , love getting mail from Elder Pinsent.  Just about 5 months until he is home.
My skin is not treating me too well, but I feel pretty most days.
I like spending time with my best girlfriend Ellen.  She is such a gem.
I have been enjoying the sunshine, but I DID NOT enjoy the dump load of snow we just got.
White Juan 2.0 you SUCK.
I just want spring already.  I am ready to wear flats, and scarfs and light jackets.
I am excited to not have to warm up my car before I drive it.
My dad went to visit his mother, and he brought home an old photo album.  I was one cool kid.
Like I mentioned, school has been crazy.
One day that Ellen and I were suppose to give a presentation, the light bulb in the projector blew. Sucked.
      [but then some computer guy came and set up a new projector! yay]
Today, I basically finished two of my courses, and that feels AWESOME.
These pictures didn't want to go in the middle of the post, so check them out to the right.
Keep smiling lovely, soon enough things will GREAT.

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