Sunday, March 30, 2014

crazy, busy friday!

Friday was a little bit of a crazy day! After the two snow days, I was excited to get out and about but I really did have a full day ahead of me.  At 10:45 I had to be at the Delta Hotel for the Business Society Luncheon.  I got up early, and showered and got ready. I had no idea what to wear because of all the dump load of snow. Most of the girls would be wearing dresses and skirts, but I just wasn't feeling it, so I went with my favourite black straight leg dress pants, a short sleeve blue silk dress shirt and black wedges. I did feel pretty so that's all that matters.  I made my way downtown and found some parking nearby, because to be honest I don't like underground parking at all, nuh uh. So I had to walk a little bit and get some snow on my feet, no biggie.

The luncheon was great and I was happy to see Casey and Jocelyn. The semester had been pretty crazy for them, but they work so hard and I am really proud of them and also secretly jealous that the are graduating. I'll miss them a lot next year.

I booted out of there right after the guest speaker was finished because I had to be at school for 1:30. I was presenting my Service Learning project at an Introduction to University/Leadership showcase. For this project, I helped out with the YSA, the Relief Society (enrichment activities) and a little bit in my community. I was surprised to hear that some classmates chose me to present, and one even said "it is really good to see that you are doing a lot for your church". I am glad I can showcase that to others. So I presented it to a group of students, I got a free t-shirt and congratulatory letter from my instructor. I felt really happy about for the opportunity to be given the project and that I could present it (and maybe because I get extra marks for presenting it!).

I went back downtown to pick up an event guide for East Coast Music Week 2014. I am excited to be a volunteer ambassador and I am looking forward to great music, good times and lots of it.

I got home around 3:45, got cozy into bed, ate mini eggs for dinner and did some reading. I went out with mom a little later and we both bought dark green maxi skirts. 

It really was a great, long, fun day. 


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