Monday, April 7, 2014

ecmw pt.1

Sometime back in January, once I figured out I didn't have any exams, so my semester would be finished at the beginning of April, I decided I would sign up to volunteer for the East Coast Music Awards that would be coming to Charlottetown.  At the time, I thought it would just be fun to see more of the acts that I see around here every so often like Paper Lions, English Words and Andy Brown.  Little did I know, but I did expect that through this experience, I would be introduced to so many more amazing, and talented artists from around the East Coast.  We really do make the best music.

When I heard back from the volunteer co-ordinator, I found out I was going to be an ambassador.  This was an exciting title but for the most part, we just directed people around the Delta Hotel and PEI Convention Centre.  I went to an orientation a couple weeks ago, and I met some of the other volunteer ambassadors, but it was also great to work with them over my couple shifts of the weekend.

My first shift was on Thursday, April 3rd.  I arrived around 4:30 and went down to the ambassador table.  Like I mentioned, most people just asked where certain rooms were, or what acts were performing on the radio stage that was near-by or how to get to the box office/registration desks ("the box office is through these doors to the left"..."registration is straight through those doors").  Around 5pm, three other ambassadors showed up to work.  There had been some confusion with my shifts early on, so there was four of us there at this point, way more than we needed.  I got sent over to the merchandise table, but it continued to be a slow night.  The Delta hosted "CBC Musical Heroes" this night with performances by Amelia Curran (NL), David Myles (NS), Rose Cousins (NS) and The Barra MacNeills (CB).  I don't know when it exactly started, but I have a new found love in David Myles.  His music is so energetic, romantic & sexy at the same time.  I took a little break to see him perform and watching him made my knees wobble.  I tweeted him after and he favorited my tweet, so I basically felt like I was in heaven.

I left that shift around 10pm and made my way home.  Friday was my first day back to work for my mom's vacation.  I knew I needed sleep, but I took a shower so I wouldn't have to in the morning and made some soup, cause I was really hungry!

Jump to Saturday.  Kayla was home so we hung out in the morning and then she took me to my ambassador shift at 1pm.  The place was pretty busy and there was also lots going on at the other venues all weekend, which I never ended up getting to.  There was just so much to take in!

Jocelyn had texted me the night before to let me know that a guest at the hotel she works at gave her a ticket to the UPS Rock Stage at the Delta PEI Convention Centre.  It looked like a great show, so once I knew my sister had some plans for the evening (I didn't wanna leave her all by herself before she headed back to Nova Scotia!), I bought myself a ticket half-way through my volunteer shift.  Kayla picked me up around 5pm and we went to watch a session of General Conference together.  We made a quick trip to the mall on the way home because I needed to buy a white shirt.  Downtown was crazy for parking, so Amanda offered to drive me down and Kayla would pick me up later.

Jocelyn and I made it there in time to see The Meds (PE), The Town Heroes (NS), Rain Over St. Ambrose (NS), The Tom Fun Orchestra (CB), The Motorleague (NB) and Slowcoaster (CB).  Jocelyn and I share some of the same interests in music, and we realized the other night that we can usually count on each other to go to shows with.  There was complimentary red bull and middle aged men wearing jean on jean combos and dancing to their heart's content.  It made for a fun, rocking night for East Coast Music Week.





thanks for the wonderful night you beautiful lady! 

Loving east coast music week 2014!

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