Monday, April 7, 2014

what's up april?

So far, so good.  April is a great month in my books.  I always like the spring air and walking in wet grass and puddles in rubber boots.  Today, I think it reached 10 degrees and the sunshine certainly helped melt some of this nasty snow away.  I am ready for it all to be gone and for spring to really start to bloom.  It makes me think of this picture we have hanging up on our wall.

I can't remember when my sister took the picture of the Halifax temple, and I am sure I have put it on my blog before, but it just screams SPRING to me.  This is how spring should look, and maybe I will get lucky enough to see the Temple looking like this in early May.

As I mentioned, Kayla left on an internship to New Glasgow.  She has been having a blast!  She came home on the weekend though to drive the corolla over while Mom and Dad are not here using it.  It was good to have her home, even though it was for a short time.  After I ran some errands Friday night, I came home and took her out to Ice Cream.  The Coldstone Creamery is closing, which is sad because I do really like their unique creamy ice creams.  They didn't have too many topings to choose from, but I went with cake batter ice cream, chocolate drizzle and sprinkles.  It was like eating an ice cream birthday cake.  We obnoxiously laughed as we ate our ice cream and caught up on stories and happenings of our lives.

April also means PEI burger love and the end of second semester.  I feel like I did very well in all my courses, but I sure am happy to be done.  I also always seem to treat myself at the end of the semester, and for this month it will be some burger love and feeding my addiction of easter candy [lindor dark chocolate eggs are so yummy].  I had the Burger Love at East Side Marios with my Dad the day before they left on vacation and it was delicious.  Last year I sent Elder Pinsent the burger love flyer, and I will be doing the same tomorrow.  He loves it, but I feel a little guilty for doing it, I know it will make his mouth water for a good PEI burger.  Mom and Dad are missing out on a lot of it this year too, but they are off having fun on vacation, so all is well.  They are just so cute and they have been so excited for this trip for so long.  I miss them though... I am making my first slow cooker meal, like ever... tomorrow.  So here's hoping it goes well.

April, keep treating me good.  


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