Sunday, April 20, 2014

everyone's home again + Easter weekend

Last week, I worked Monday-Thursday 9:15-5:15.  It was so great to work and I had a really good week and got to know some new, sweet and friendly faces.  Thursday night, my best friend Ellen and I went out for dinner together. We celebrated our 44/50 on our major assignment for our Community Perspectives of Aging course.  We are very happy with the mark.  I loved doing work with her for this course.  I don't know what we would have done without one another in the course.  I am glad that I have 1/2 of my 4th year sociology courses done, and that I did it with her help.  We went for the Burger Love at Sims Corner.  The Gatsby was delicious.  They dimmed the lights as we got our food, making it all romantic for us to indulge in our love for burgers.  After dinner, we made a quick trip to the mall together, and then Ellen went home and I continued to do some shopping before going home to clean my closet [I just love spring cleaning] and watch Grey's Anatomy.

Friday morning, I did something I haven't done in a long time.  I slept in... until 10:30, which is very late for me.  I guess I just really needed that extra sleep.  I think I am still catching up from the east coast music weekend and work also kept me on my feet the past two weeks.  It was nice to just rest and relax for the morning and early afternoon.  Kayla was finished her internship in New Glasgow, so she was going to pick up Mom and Dad at the airport in Moncton.  They got home around 2:30pm and I was so happy when I got to hug my Mommy!  I missed her a lot.  I don't care that I am turning 22 next month.  Once my Mom was in the house and relaxing on the couch, we had a good cuddle.  I needed it too.  I am happy they had such a good vacation, they made wonderful memories with Joanie and John, but I am pretty happy to have them back.  I am even more excited for them as we found out they made an appearance in the Saturday Afternoon Session of General Conference!  It is something that they can remember for many years to come.

Because it was Good Friday, we stayed at home and enjoyed each other's company.  They showed us pictures from their trip.  They got to visit with my cousin in Las Vegas who was there from Germany doing some work.  It was nice to see that they were able to connect.  I made some dinner for us all and Mom and I did lots of talking about work, church and school.  Later that night, I got ready to go over to Casey's to see the girls.  Casey just moved to Stratford with Cody.  They have a cute two bedroom apartment.  Casey, Amanda, Chelsey, Emily and I hung out there until we went to the opening weekend Ladies Night at Peake's Quay.  We had an awesome time dancing, catching up and we laughed a lot!

Saturday I slept in again, and it was glorious.  Once I got up, I got ready for the day.  Kayla and I wanted to have a Burger Love together before I stop [my max is 5 burgers, this was #4].  We went back over to Stratford and had Phinley's Apple Jack.  It was okay.  At this point, Mavors was my favourite.  After lunch, we spent some more time together.  It feels so good to be reunited with my sister and best friend.  We did some shopping.  We bought some Easter candy to share with our brother and Kayla bought a shirt at the mall.

When we got home later, Kayla left to hang out with a friend, so I went out with Mom to buy some things at Wal-Mart.  It was nice to spend some time with momma again too.  When we got home, Mom and Dad were both a little hungry so we went to East Side Marios' to get some dinner.  We had cheese ravioli bites to start off and Mom and I split a penne and Caesar salad.  Dad had all-you-can eat Italian wedding soup and a burchetta pizza [which was fresh and delicious].  After, we went to Sobeys to grab a couple more things for Easter and the weekend.

Today, Easter Sunday has also been a lovely day.  It is just so nice to have everyone home again.  Mom, Dad, Kayla and I went to church and we have spent the afternoon relaxing.  We will have dinner later tonight as a family and then watch a movie.

I love my family, I love spring, I love Jesus Christ and I love chocolate.
Happy Life. Happy Easter.

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