Sunday, April 20, 2014

Because of Him

Because of Him.......
I am a part of an Eternal Family.  My parents have raised me in a righteous home where I can feel the spirit.  He grants us with opportunities that help us go about our daily lives, be successful and be able to provide for one another.  I have amazing Earthly parents and a brother and sister that I love.  Because of Him, families can be together forever.

Because of Him.......
I refuse to sink.  He is the anchor to my soul.  I can pray to receive guidance, revelation, inspiration.  He answers prayers.  He knows me, and he knows my trials.  He gave the ultimate sacrifice so that we could live.  In return, we need to trust Him and the plan.

Because of Him.......
I can have strength to get me through trials and sacrifices.
I have Elder Pinsent in my life who is amazing, wonderful and self-less.  I have been given the opportunity to support him as He serves the Lord and the church.  I am thankful for everything that I continue to learn from this experience.

"Whosoever shall put their trust in God shall be supported in their trials, and their troubles, and their afflictions, and shall be lifted up at the last day." Alma 3:36

Because of Him.......

I am unique.  I am a daughter of a King.  Jesus Christ died for our sins, but I know that He Lives again.  Someday, I will be wrapped in His loving arms.  I am not perfect.  He is perfect and I can strive to be like him.  I make mistakes, but through the power of the Atonement, I can repent and be forgiven.  I live in a beautiful world and I am so blessed to have the gospel in my life.  

And Because of Him....... We can start again.  
guilt becomes peace
regret becomes relief
despair becomes hope
& we have second chances, clean slates, new beginnings.

there is no such thing as the end, Because of Him.

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