Sunday, April 13, 2014

general conference



General Conference was last weekend, but with all the ecmw fun that I was involved with, I only got to watch Saturday evening and Sunday morning.  I am doing some catching up now with my handy hdmi cable.  It was so cool to have Jeffrey R. Holland in my living room a couple of nights ago ;)  I can now understand why some people watch it at home, but, I LOVE WATCHING CONFERENCE AT THE CHAPEL.  I can feel the spirit so much stronger in the place that I worship at each week. I also feel close to the people that go and watch, and it is so nice to be in their company.  

Something that I have really taken from conference so far, is the power of empathy.  Many spoke about having love for others, but more importantly, interest and concern for other's well being and ultimately concern for their salvation.  When we are concerned for other's burdens, we show our love for them.  Our Prophet said it himself, "LOVE is the essence of the gospel".  We need to show our love for others in our day to day interactions and recognize the needs of those around us.  It is okay to be a little "too kind".  We need to find opportunities to give acts of loving kindness.  When opportunities to show love come unexpectedly, we are exemplifying Charity, the pure love of Christ.  Be passionate, be encouraging.  

Begin now, to express love to all of God's children, and trust me, you fill find happiness in it. 

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A Joyful Chaos said...

Great reminder of what Christians should be like.