Sunday, April 27, 2014

May will be CRAZY

photo at the St. Dunstan's Basilica for the BYU-Idaho Sinfonietta performance on April 21st 2014

May is going to be a crazy month but I am already so excited.  I only realized it all this morning.  I will be gone 3 weekends of the month, starting with Halifax this weekend for some Pinsent & Kat+Cecelia loving and City and Colour craziness [still can't believe I will be going to this concert, it is going to be amazing!].

Kayla and I have flights booked to Ottawa for my cousin's wedding the long weekend in May.  We were never really planned on going, but then changed our minds.  I start spring courses the same week, so I am a little nervous and I know I will have to get some work done while I am there, but I am looking forward to seeing my mom's side of the family and celebrating with everyone.  Oh, and I really like Ontario!  It is a wonderful, pretty place.  I am excited to possibly do some exploring in Ottawa.  Maybe my Auntie Helen will take us around on the 18th ;) [I want to go to the tulip festival and take lots of pictures!]

My birthday will be the 4th weekend and I have no plans.  So if anyone wants to throw me a surprise party......

The last weekend of the month I will most likely be in New Brunswick for Stake Conference.  I was asked to speak at the Institute Honours night.  I hope I can see some friends over there too.  On top of all this, I hope I will be working a little bit here and there.  I worked this whole month which I was super fortunate of.  My spring courses will have me in school Mondays and Wednesdays from 1:00-4:00 and 6:00-9:00 and one online from May 12th-23rd....should be fun couple of weeks and month of May.

I can see the grass getting greener every day, literally and figuratively.  I just keep my head up and good things seem to come my way, or things seem to fall into place.  I am a lucky girl most of the time.  I feel blessed for what I do have and I am grateful for the opportunities that I find myself presented with.
I feel like time is just flying by, with Haig coming home so soon and having one year left of my undergrad.  I have been learning so much more about commitment and dedication.  I can say that I know if you put your mind to something, you can be successful.
I am enjoying being happy right now.  

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