Saturday, May 24, 2014

my 'sweet' golden birthday

About two or three weeks ago when Casey asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday, I guessed that she had something up her sleeve.  I opted for a night in with my favourite girls.  We all have busy lives, and families and boyfriends, but these 4 ladies were all able to make it out to Casey's and I am so glad that they were there.  Casey was 'pinspired' to do an ice cream bar and have some fancy non-alcoholic girly drinks.  Her and Jocelyn got everything together, and just in the knick of time too.  I showed up with Chelsey and Amanda not too long after they had finished putting the place together.  It looked so so cute, I am so happy to have such fun and creative friends.

Cody stayed for a little bit to help tune my ukulele, but I do really need to do some more studying with it.  He did get me started though.  Then he left and it was full fledge girl talk.  We talked about a ton of different things from weddings, to high school friends to embarrassing moments.  We ate cheddar cheese popcorn, cupcakes and ice cream with lots of toppings of course.  We played a couple rounds of 'Blokus', which the girls all loved and really got into.  We went to start 'The Game of Life', but ended up talking about our lives and the future in general.  It was kind of funny in a way.  I also noticed during the night we engaged in a lot more conversation instead of sometimes when we sit on our phones and text and check social media.  I was guilty of it a couple of times though, mostly because I wanted to see if I was getting any more birthday notifications, hehe!

We took some silly photos and we helped Casey clean up.  I am so happy her and Cody are out on their own, I know how much fun it must be for them and she has been such a great little host whenever they have friends over.  Chelsey drove myself and Amanda home and it was nice to catch up with them.  Once I got home, I gathered up most of my gifts.  I am so happy for the sweet gestures of my friends and the little gifts.  It really was a fantastic 22nd birthday and I know I have a fantastic year ahead.  That reminds me, I blew out candles last night on my cupcakes and I forgot to make a wish... but I think that's okay because most wishes that I have wished so many times before....will come true this year!       

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