Tuesday, May 27, 2014

mom's graduation

My mom has been working her butt off for the past couple years and this weekend, the accomplishment was made!  She walked across the graduation stage to receive her Early Childhood Assistant Certificate.  She is also among the first group who have graduated with this program.  It was very exciting.  A couple of weeks ago she was approached to introduce to guest speaker.  She did a great job of that and I am sure they are happy with their pick.  I took some photos during the day with Kayla's camera and I think they all turned out okay!  I am getting more and more use to it, some people even thought it was mine but I only wish.  I am going to start saving...

Mom, I am really proud of you.  I almost got teary eyed when you walked across the stage.  I can't imagine how difficult it was to manage all the things you did and make this happen on top of it all.  I know you hear me stress about school so much, and although my schooling is a little different, I saw so much dedication and commitment from you.  I saw your desire to complete this program, maintain good grades and really apply what you were learning to your work environment.  I have also been so fortunate to have opportunities to work with you, the kids really love you a lot.  You are funny, caring and kind.  You are smart and creative.  
 look forward to everything you will go on to do, because I know you still hope to do many things.

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