Wednesday, May 7, 2014

pray for challenges

I sat in my car and said a little prayer before I went into the temple on May 1st 2014. It was a bit of a hard week at home.  I almost didn't feel like I should go to the temple, but I knew it would be right because I knew I would feel the spirit there. I started my prayer by giving thanks, most especially for my family, Elder Pinsent and the Pinsent family.  These people mean so much to me, I don't know what I would do without them in my life.

Something funny happened.  I found words coming out of my mouth that I never would have thought I would ever say.

'Heavenly Father, give me challenges'

I prayed a little more about how I am willing to accept challenges in my life so I can have more opportunities to learn and grow. 
The next morning, I talked with Nichla. She shared lots about what has been going on in their home and lives. She explained some experiences from the past and how she learned from them.  She provided advice and wisdom from her years of marriage and motherhood.  Almost over and over again she said 'life is so hard', but of course worth it in so many ways. 
This struck me. I guess I just always thought that when Haig gets home, suddenly my life and our life together will be easier.  This is actually going to be the complete opposite. My hope is that life continues to be hard, that challenges arise and we can learn how to overcome.  
I think I was always so worried that things wouldn't work out in different areas of my life.  I worry about money and employment a lot.  All I can really do about those things right now, is continue to get my education, and then take my knowledge and skills and go out to the workforce and show them what I have to offer. 
I know it seems crazy, to ask for things to be more challenging. But, what's life if there is nothing to be worked on, stuff to be learned or sacrifices to make us stronger? 

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