Wednesday, May 7, 2014

at home with the Pinsents

The Pinsent house is a fun place to be.  We eat lots of good food, watch funny movies, and we laugh a lot.  Sometimes fights break out, sometimes there is some yelling, and even crying.  Things are best when everyone is happy though.  I visited with the family from Thursday May 1st until Tuesday morning May 6th.  I had originally planned on going up to see City and Colour with Victoria, but a couple weeks before I also found out that Katherine would be coming home with Cecelia so that was a much added bonus.  They didn't arrive until Saturday, but we started to have some fun any ways.  Thursday night I went to the temple and it was a lovely experience.  Not only did I receive personal inspiration, I got to see Savannah Webber go into the temple with her husband Brandon for the first time.  It was so sweet and I could really see how much they loved each other and the gospel.  After I got out of the temple, I went and picked up Jared.  He came over and we watched 'The Amazing SpiderMan'.  In the last week or so, I watched the older trilogy, and now that there is a new one in theatres, we watched this one because neither of us have seen it.  Jared is a great guy and I love hanging out with him.  He has a great way of putting things into perspective.  I can probably say that it is from being a return missionary.  It was nice to see him even though it was only for a short time.

Friday morning I talked with Nichla and I got ready for the day.  I went to the mall by myself because I was looking for a couple things in particular.  I have been looking for a new purse, and it has been impossible to find.  I went into Payless as soon as I got into the mall, but I wasn't really sure why because I had already looked in ours at home.  But then, I saw my perfect purse.  I did look around some other stores but I ended up going back to get that one, and the added bonus was that the register rang it up on sale!  I also braved the new Forever 21 store.  It is a massive store and I got disappointed very quickly as  I began shopping and realized that so many of the cute clothes were immodest.  I was able to find a handful of tops and a couple dresses and I did end up buying a modest dressy top that I am pretty excited about.  On my way home, I stopped at Wendy's and had a baked potato and chocolate frosty, it was a pretty delicious snack.

Eli came over around dinner time and we had crepes.  They were so yummy.  There was basically a fight to the death for the nutella, but once things calmed down, I smeared some all over mine with some bananas and honey.  I also had a raspberry and yogurt crepe the next morning which was also great.  In the evening, we watched some movies.  'The Perks of being a Wallflower' and 'About Time'.  'About Time' was super cute and I think I will have to watch it again sometime soon to really understand everything that happened.  We paused the movie for a bit so Hannah Jane and I hung out together before she had to go to bed.  She is getting so good at the piano, and she makes me wish I could play.  She is also really goofy and is not very fond of smiling nicely for a picture.  I also took some photos of Nichla's fresh wall downstairs.  The old family photos are so sweet, although Katherine said she is going to do some updating while she is home.           

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