Friday, May 30, 2014

quick week

This week seemed to just speed by, and I feel like I hardly got everything done, but I did seem to get everything done.  That doesn't make sense does it?  Well, it was just a bit of a hard week because I started to study for my Business Law midterm that is on Monday night.  I started by copying a lot of notes and reading the introductory chapters.  I started to get really nervous and I thought there was like WAY too much material that would be covered.  Later in the week, I got some help from a friend and now I am feeling a little more at ease about it all.  I have most of my notes copied and I will keep reading and reviewing them until the midterm.  My other course is also going well, but it is certainly not as much work.  I need to be more aware in my surroundings though because I need to be making observations about a number of things to include in my journal entries for the course.

I spent most of the week and home, school and work.  I didn't see any of my friends, and to tell the truth, I have just been enjoying spending time in the comfort of my own home.  I can come home from work or school and just throw on pajamas, put my hair up and wash my face and stay in for the night.  I did go out Thursday morning to visit teach two lovely sisters in my ward, Angela Wang and Amie Ceron.  I love their uniqueness, their talents, families and the sweet spirits that they have.  I am happy to have such wonderful friends in the gospel.

The best thing that happened this week was getting mail from my Elder Pinsent.  It was my birthday package.  I FINALLY got one of his name tags which I have been asking for since Christmas.  I know he only had a couple though and now he doesn't need as many since he is almost done!  He also sent a couple pictures, his countdown chewing gum (I get to eat the last 'stale' piece) and a cute little note.  The other night I had this weird dream that gave me a reality check in a way.  He is going to be home in just three short months, and that is so crazy to me.  In just three short months, we will be together again, and I am crazy excited for it.

I started a new triology, the Bourne Identity.  I have only watched the first one, but I am hoping to watch the other two pretty soon but we'll see.  My sister and I are HIGHLY ANTICIPATING the film THE FAULT IN OUR STARS that comes out next Friday.  I plan on taking a lot of tissues.  We have both read the book and I cried a lot when things get real' so I know the movie will be no different, and if it is, I WON'T BE IMPRESSED.  I hope it does stay as true to the book AS POSSIBLE.

I am headed to Fredericton tomorrow for Stake Conference and to speak at Institute Graduation.  Look at me go, I feel like I am a super star.

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