Wednesday, May 14, 2014

school is cool and I'm off to Ottawa

I started three spring courses this week, and on top of that with getting ready to go to Ottawa for the weekend, it has been a quick couple of days.

One of my courses is online and it is only open until next Friday.  I am hurrying to get most of it done, and as a result, I am not doing excellent in it but I am just hoping for the best and pass the course with a 70% or so.
It was really lovely to hear from Elder Pinsent on Monday after he got to skype home with his family on Mother's Day.  I know that it was a little hard for him this time around.  It was the last good-bye he would say to them on his mission.  Soon enough he will be saying hello, and I am getting more and more anxious for that day!

Kayla and I are being driven to Moncton tomorrow to get on a plane to Ottawa.  I am pretty excited right now, mostly because it is the first time Kayla and I will really be travelling together.  It could be the start of something wonderful.  We dream of going to Scotland together, and I hope that can work out in some close year.

I had to sit in class this afternoon and listen as people played frisby happily on the quad.  I was a little jealous, even though I hate frisby.  I did get to soak up the sun a little bit around noon time.  It is still bright outside, but I had better watch another online lecture and try to get one more completed before I leave tomorrow.  I plan on taking one with me to do while I am there, but we'll see if that really happens or not ;)

Happy Weekend, hopefully in the sunshine!

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