Tuesday, May 20, 2014

ottawa in images

Here are some snaps from our day in Ottawa on May 16th.
It was really rainy, so we didn't see much except of the inside of the Rideau Centre.
Kayla did some shopping at Old Navy.  She found Lobster socks.
I really liked PINK's 'LOVE' sign.  I think I'll send one to Haig for his birthday.
Our cousin Jessica took us to 'Tucker's Market' buffet for lunch.
Thanks to Aunt Juanita and Uncle Joe, lunch was on them.
It was nice to spend time with Amber and Jessica!
As sad as I was that it was rainy, and we didn't get to see much, it was a fun and adventurous day!

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Helen said...

Too bad it was such a rainy day. But is was nice that you got some special cousin time.