Sunday, May 11, 2014

UPEI Convocation & Graduation Celebration

I had the opportunity to see Cody, Casey and Jocelyn, among some of my other friends graduate from UPEI on Saturday morning.  I also watched some of my other friends on the Eastlink TV broadcast of the afternoon ceremony.  In the morning, I got up and ready to go.  It was pretty exciting, but the weather did not seem to cooperate with the celebrations of the day at all.  It was rainy, wet and windy.  I hope it is not like that for mine next year.  I could tell how disappointed Casey and Jocelyn were.  I made it to just in time to sit down with Casey's mother Nancy and her Aunt Brenda and Uncle Cal.  They were fun to sit with!
I got up to take some pictures of them when they walked across the stage, but of course a professor would not let you go past a certain line, so those pictures didn't turn out great.  I was able to get a picture of Jocelyn at the end, because she was the last of the three.  It was nice that they were all relatively close together.  It was cute that Casey and Cody were so close and got to share that moment together.  I am so proud of all three of them!

I waited while other graduates received their diplomas.  I saw some of my high school class mates graduate from the Business faculty, and some others from the faculty of Nursing.  It was weird to see how fast 4 years has gone by.  The place was crazy after.  There was so many people there.  I am glad I went this year, so now I know what things will be like next year and how to plan for it.  I made my way through crowds of people and found Jocelyn.  We waited for her family for a few minutes and then I went off to find Casey before she left.  I went outside, in the gross rain and I moved my car closer to the business building.  I met Jocelyn over there with her family and I took some pictures for them.

I went home for the afternoon and did some school work for my spring course.  We had some pulled pork for dinner and then Kayla and I went out to run some errands.  Later, I went over to Casey and Cody's apartment and hung out and celebrated with them.  Some of Cody's friends were there, and two of his friends brought over cake!  We took some pictures and then I drove a couple of my friends down town before I headed home for the night.  

Part of me is just wishing I was done.  I wish I could have walked across the stage yesterday, graduating the same year as most of my close friends.  The other part of me knows that I still have some things to learn in my final year at UPEI.  I know that I will have people by my side and I know I will get the support I need.  I also know, that next year when it is my turn to graduate, my friends will be there for me and will be happy for me, as much as I was happy for them.

Congratulations Graduates of 2014!


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