Friday, May 9, 2014

week of may 5th-9th

On Monday, I was still in Cole Harbour.  Momma Pinsent has gone back to school, so Katherine, Cecelia and I had the day to ourselves.  Katherine wanted to go to icing to find some accessories and run some other errands.  We got up and ready for the day, but it seemed like it took forever to actually get out of the house.  I didn't mind because I just liked spending time with these two ladies.  I felt a little nervous driving with a baby in the car for the first time, but Katherine assured me that I would do just fine.  We stopped at Costco first to have some lunch.  Kat told me about their chicken fingers, but we unfortunately we couldn't try them because of kitchen renovations and we settled for hot dogs, which were also good.  We also went into Marshall's before icing, and ended up trying on bathing suits, that didn't work on us, but it was still fun.  Katherine found some cute things at icing and I got pretty lucky again and also found some nice gifts for a couple of friends.  We found out Mom was home and had made dinner, but she was heading back to school shortly, so we went home to see he off and have dinner as a family.  We celebrated Cinco de mayo by having tacos with all the works for dinner.  It was awesome.

Tuesday morning, I got up and ready to go home.  I asked Nichla to do some sewing for me, and while she was doing that, I got to cuddle Cecelia a little more while momma slept.  When I found out our friend Megan would be coming over around noon, I just had to stay at see her for a bit!  She is a sweetheart and such a good friend to the whole family.  We took a couple pictures together, and then I decided that it was time to get home.  I left Cole Harbour around 1pm, with a stop at Second Cup for a frozen hot chocolate to drink with the mint chocolate chip cookies Momma Pinsent gave to me for the drive.  I got home around 4:30 and started to unpack so I could do some laundry.  I also got ready to go out because I had made dinner plans with my good friend Paul.  Paul is going to Africa for three weeks to do volunteer work.  I bought him an East Coast Lifestyle tank and we went to Boston Pizza for some appetizers.  We also visited Casey at work so she could see him before he leaves.  I'm excited form him, and I can't wait to hear all about his adventures!

Wednesday I was able to sleep in and then spend some time at home in the morning getting some things organized.  Next week, I go back to school and I won't have much free time on Mondays and Wednesdays.  That's what probably sucks the most about spring/summer courses, is just being at school so much more.  I really don't mind being in school for because I am getting these courses done to lighten the load come September, but it will be hard when there is other things to be done, like find some time to work casual, and prepare for events like Ottawa and my birthday.  I also worked in the afternoon in Cornwall.  Later that night, I went over to Casey and Cody's and then we went out to Peaks.  It was the grad pubcrawl so there was a lot of Panthers around, which is mostly half of my high school graduating class...  We had a good time though and some guy left us a twenty dollar bill on our table, after we refused it but he walked away.  It did help us out on our late night McDonald's drive-thru run though!

Thursday was another lazy morning, and then I worked in the afternoon at the school.  I had a job interview in the evening and then I made a stop at the mall to check out a couple things at Target.  They have so many good deals on clothing right now, it's insane, but I resisted the temptation and went and bought pop tarts instead.  I watched Grey's Anatomy in my room and then went to bed early.

Friday I got up and ready for the day earlier than previous days, but I still seemed to be slower and lazier in the morning.  I did however download the e-textbook for my 10 day online course and I watched the first lecture and took notes on the chapter.  I hope I can get a couple more done on the weekend, and maybe even finish the course before I go to Ottawa.  There is only 9 videos and chapters for each video and then a 10 question multiple/true or false quiz.  Should be a piece of cake.  I worked at the school again in the afternoon and it was a lovely sunny day!

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