Thursday, June 5, 2014

june 5th 2014

I will remember the events of today for a long time.  I start the 70th Anniversary of D-DAY.  Four years ago I was able to see historic places where Canadians fought for freedom.  I saw their grave sites, because they gave their life for us.  I am so happy to be Canadian.  A friend posted this on twitter this morning:

In light of , let's take the time to reflect on everything Canadian men and women have sacrificed and CONTINUE to sacrifice for us

Which moves into the next event.  My grandparent's lived in Moncton.  The street close to where they are looking for a man who has killed three RCMP officers, injured others and has put a whole city in lock down.   My heart is so sad for these families and especially some of the neighbours of my grandparent's old home.  I am so shocked that this could happen so close to home, and even more worried that now it could happen any where.

I pray for the families of the RCMP and police, members of the community and this young man's family.  
This situation needs to end soon.

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