Friday, June 6, 2014

hello there JUNE

June has been lovely so far.  On Monday, I had a midterm for Business Law.  I was pretty nervous, but I had some good study tools and resources so I ended up doing very good.  I don't know when we will get the marks back, but it was worth 35% of my grade, so I am hoping I did good enough to not have to stress so much about the final.  It's not a bad course, I am just not as interested in all of the concepts which makes it a little harder to study.  I guess, the concepts are interesting, I am just not interested in them, if that makes sense!

I spent a lot of time at home, and with my sister this week.  Tuesday evening we made dinner and then I really got a craving for ice cream.  We went to a couple of places and nothing really seems to be open.  We finally went down town, and even though there was a bus accident, we were able to make it to the down town convenience store and get some Farmers ice cream.  I got black raspberry cheesecake and mint chocolate chip.  It was a perfect combination.  I would get it again 10 more time this summer.  We walked around Victoria Row, Province House and Confederation Centre of the Arts.  This year Charlottetown celebrates 150 years, so they have this giant 1864 sign by Province House, and also a giant 2014 sign by Founder's Hall [we will go there next week].  I just love PEI summers, they are always exciting, delicious and fun!

My beautiful friend Kristy got her mission call to Melbourne, Australia!  I am so proud of her.  She has accomplished so much in the past couple of years and she is always happy and positive.  She makes me want to be happy more often.  Her family is super wonderful, and even though they can't be together right now, I know how proud they must be.  I hope we can hang out a lot this summer before she leaves on her mission.  I need as much Kristy as possible before she leaves for 18 months!

Spending a lot of time at home also means I have been making a lot of meals and doing lots of other things around the house and yard.  I put clothes on the clothes line this week, a sure sign of summer.  We are helping Nala up and down the stairs most days, but she is still as cute as ever.  I have also been learning to enjoy making dinner. Pancakes was my meal on Friday night, which has become what Mom calls E.O.F.T [EveryOne For Themselves].  They were okay pancakes, but not as good as Mom makes them!  I just had to put lots of chocolate chips in to make them taste good!

It was also National Doughnut Day on June 6th!  We obviously celebrated.  Kayla was dropping me off at work, but we stopped at Tim Hortons to grab doughnuts and drinks, but then I was also wanting some French fries so we went through the McDonald's drive-thru next store.  We sat in the car and snacked and listened to the radio.  I love spending time with my sister, whether it's at home or at play.  We watched the Back to the Future trilogy this week too.  It is one of her favourites but I had never seen them all, shame on me right?

Last  but not least, June 13th is Haig's birthday!  So I got some stuff ready to send out for him.  I went with a couple trinkets because I didn't want to send anything too big that he just has to bring home in a couple of months.  I sent a Lego luggage tag, Canada key rings, jelly bellies, lip chap pictures, and I let Hallmark be cute and sappy with a card.  I also stuffed the card and envelope with star confetti, I hope he likes it all!





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